Sunday, March 17, 2013

Laundry Days

The really funny thing about thinking of a title for this entry is that  in a family of seven EVERYDAY is "laundry day". That being said this is another opportunity to find ways to trim the bill down. What I've learned is that quite often in learning to trim the bill a bit I end up with better , healthier and greener results !

I was hesitant to make my own laundry soap because for one I thought it was difficult and secondly people can't seem to help but roll their eyes when you say that you do. Really the biggest job is grating the bars of soap - which you can make your kids do. The rest gets tossed in and shaken.

Recently I got a good deal on my old bargain basement store bought detergent and I picked up a couple of bottles. The result was itchy and irritated skin for my two boys who have aczema.

Try it. Don't let the scoffers deter you. It's cheaper, easy, gentler and better for the environment.... and it works.

Homemade Laundry Soap

All you need is pictured here but I use 2 boxes of baking soda instead of the one shown. You can also omit the laundry enhancer if you don't like scented products or add another if you want to have an even stronger scent.

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