Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cooking Without 2

Cooking Without 2

Last time I made an entry on Cooking Without I had 3 days before grocery day/pay day.
Today is 5 days before grocery day. That is a tricky spot for sure.
I was blessed again with visiting friends this week - another family of 5 children. I shopped a day early in case they saw my empty fridge and thought their visit was a burden.  But it's a tight summer and I hope that this isn't the new normal for us.  We recently over extended ourselves with the purchase of a trailer. Now before anyone gives me a pay-in-full speech give me a few minutes on this soap box. 

My oldest is to be 14 this summer and very actively involved now in Cadets, Youth Group, Quizzing Team. In May, he was home ONE weekend with us - he is away at a training and fitness testing day as I write this. He is transitioning towards independence , which we completely support. But our seasons are limited and thus we count that cost as we incur another bill payment. An investment in the family relationships , memories and shared experiences. And so we pay, and we pay the price without regret.

But there's also reality. There's no open fridge policy - I kid you not, they will never be filled. The appetite of a teenage boy is insatiable. And I feel a bit like Neighbourhood Watch or Crime Stoppers as I police any sign of activity in the kitchen!

So I rummaged through the pantry for ingredients that would not be missed any time soon to make something-  some expression of love (YES , food is love). Found three dented old cans inherited from a donation my father had brought me from a closing food bank he was involved with. Blessed treasure. 

(Simply blend pineapple with coconut milk , pour into molds 3/4 full. Add some fruit and freeze. )