Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Treats

I made some nice desserts this weekend and I thought it would be nice to just put them in my blog so I could pin them to pinterest. Honest. That's my whole objective. I've been really trying to relax a bit in life and approach life in a calmer way. No deep thought here at all just something pretty I made for a church planing conference - it's a themed thing.

For the crowd I made pudding (instant, no name... yeah)
Topped it with either oreo crumbs or graham cracker crumbs... from the Bulk Barn.
Stick in a little sprig of mint and add a couple of novelty chocolate stones. Voila ! Cute, eh?
Perfect for the conference but would also work well for a Spring theme , Garden theme, Easter theme. In fact one of my catchy motivational lines that I replay in my head during the daily grind of homeschooling and parenting the boys is "Plant with the harvest in mind". So it could work on that level too !

Almost too cute to eat !

A garden full of them

As more of a centerpiece I made this cake. INSTANT. Actually it was the second cake because for some reason my first one blew itself up in my fridge. Ok, it cracked and burst open. Still. Icing and crumbs everywhere. Warm up some INSTANT frosting (oh the shame....). I use a double boiler but you could do it carefully in the microwave stirring every 30 seconds. Pour it over your cooled cake. Be amazed. It will smoothly frost your cake like a fine ganache !
Then I just set my mind to tying in the brown and green colour scheme I was working with and was sure to use edible flowers. I used roses and daisies but there are many others and you could look it up online.
I tied a ribbon around the middle and then sugared some guava and grapes ( aha ! Green !)
I spritzed them a little with fresh lemon and rolled them up in white sugar. Just don't decorate your cake too much ahead of time or your sugar may sweat off and your flowers wilt.

For the church planting seminar

Edible flowers and sugared fruit

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