Sunday, March 17, 2013

Eating Healthy for Less

It can be a real challenge to feed a big family healthy meals on a tight budget. I know there are so many posts about eating for less - some of them are really great ! Others.... not quite as healthy as I would like.
I'm going to start adding to this entry meals that are really well received by my whole family. I am hesitant to write how much each plate costs as I know that prices vary so much from season to season and area to area. However, overall these bring me the most bang for my buck !
I have a family of 7 - 5 boys, mom and dad.

Use any firm white fish

Oven Baked Tilapia

Lay your fish on sheet of parchment paper
Season with salt & pepper
Add sliced lemon, slivered fresh garlic , cherry tomatoes and dollops of butter
Bake at 425 until fish is cooked through (it will be opaque and flaky)
I also like to poke the tomatoes as they cook to release the juices !

We serve this over rice with a simple green salad.

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