Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Domestic Arts 

I have been wanting to do so many things for  the longest time. I just couldn't seem to juggle all my interests with so many young children and pregnancies happening over the last 12 years. This year I was not not nursing or pregnant and there was no stroller ! When you've had 7 pregnancies in 10 years this is a BIG DEAL !

So between that and Pinterest overload I've gotten really excited about getting back into what I call "the domestic arts". All those extras that warm your home. When my children grow up I want the sound of a sewing machine to remind them of me. I want the smell of warm cookies to feel like home.  I want them to remember eating  warm tomatoes straight from the vine. I want them to experience sunshine on their clothes. I want the sight of a mason jar to stir up countless reminders of the love that filled them.

When they get married and start their families I want them to value these things in their wives. I want them to see purpose in the little things their wives do because they know what it meant to their growing up. I want them to appreciate the creative touch a woman who pursues the art of making a home can bring.

Ladies, do you realize when you apply your efforts into these tasks how empowered you are? When you do a good job, I mean really put thought and effort into your career at home, you have the power to change your children's world view. Do you really think they will see women as less valuable because they are home or because we complain about being home ? When you choose to make a career of homemaking be joyful , be progressive in your talents and be purposeful ! We were never made to be less by being home, we've done that on our own by teaching our children that we are unhappy, feel undervalued , resent the loss of (insert personal issue here). 

Homemakers don't have to fit a mold. Just because one person loves to bake and you love photography doesn't mean one of you is better. Every area of God given talent allows you to leave your fingerprint on your home. Use your passions and be blessed by the opportunity to be home , if you are so lucky.

When I look back at my memories of my mother now I remember her being very resourceful. Honestly, she could bake an apple pie by using green tomatoes. She cooked from scratch - every birthday cake. She sewed our Barbies clothes. Clipped down old cards with her "fancy" scissors to make gift tags.

I'll tell you something, she really doesn't like cooking and sewing (I don't think ) but one of her talents is being resourceful. She took pleasure in being able to source a way to meet the needs with the little there was. My parents were missionaries. She kept chickens for crying out loud ! Actually that one makes me laugh out loud. She made our house a home and provided us with cherished memories. She set a great example of how to manage a home.

Be encouraged ! If you are home, even for a season, make the days count. Raise your value but enjoy what you do and don't be tempted to compare yourself to another wife/mother.

You will be getting a good helping of blogs from me in the next bit. Recipes and such things that I am working on. I hope you will find encouragement in them.


  1. This is a wonderful post. Read it this morning before leaving for work and thought of it all during the drive. I didn't really think I had creative a "homey" feeling for you guys so nice to have all these odd memories triggered! And I definitely didn't love sewing (or cooking!) I think a shortage of actual money coming in makes for creative solutions. Do you remember playing for ages with the flannelgraph figures all laid out on the floor? And the delicious suppers of bread pudding using the stale bread from during the week? Your blog should be made into a booklet in the future!

    1. Yes ! And paper dolls ! And I've yet to meet someone who can pack a suitcase or fold a fitted sheet like you can ! And you used cloth diapers... which is a big deal in itself but I seem to remember only having an actual washing machine when I was about 7-8years old ??
      Chickens... oh goodness, can your co-workers even imagine you picking dinner out of a coop? lol
      Not to mention you did this during the women's movement!
      Good job :)

  2. As I sit here in recent days trying to figure out "what's next?" for me....this blog brought a tear to my eyes. Thanks for writing it. It touched me in a deep place. Given me value and a lot to think about.

  3. Thank you Corinne, you are such a gentle and caring mother to your children. Just the other day someone told me how great a job you were doing and that your children are so well behaved with such a solid understanding of their beliefs. Good job :)