Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Peach Preserves 

This was so worth the hour I spent making these ! So simple and so delicious. Buy them up cheap and save them to use when they would be out of season and not nearly as fresh!

You will need....
Lg canning pot
Lg pot for peaches
Mason jars and new lids
6 L peaches
1 1/2c sugar
Cinnamon sticks
Water, water, water

First , make sure you have prepared your jars. You can wash them in hot water and leave them in the hot water in your sink. Or you use your dishwasher and keep them in there until you are ready to fill them. You just have to keep them warm so they don't break on you when you put them into boiling water. Don't forget to wash your lids.

Make sure your big canning pot is full with the lid on working up to a boil while you do all these things.

Now get another pot and bring it to a boil. When it's at a rolling boil you want to gently drop in your peaches for about 60  seconds.

Remove them and put them right away into cold water to stop the cooking. Like magic before your eyes you should be able to just rub off the peel.
(You can do this in batches and you can return the peach to the boiling water if the peel is not ready)

Now remove your pit. I just run my knife along it from one side to the next and then wiggle the knife a little. Twist and it should come apart.

At this point I dump my peach water and put about 10cups of fresh water in there and whisk in about 1 1/2c sugar. You can put more in if you want a thicker/sweeter syrup. I wanted mine to taste more natural.

Now pack your peaches into the jars and slide a cinnamon stick in with it. Leave room at the top. Now fill with sugar water mixture , tapping out any air bubbles. Secure the lid.
Repeat, when your jars are ready put them into your boiling water and make sure the water is covering the jars by about an inch or two. Cook for about 20-25minutes.

Peach Preserves  

Remove and let cool. When they are cool you should be able to press down the lid and it will make a popping sound and it will stay down. If it doesn't , you can put it in your fridge and have it for dessert tonight or you can just return it to the boiling water for another few minutes and try again.

It's a good idea to label your jars when they cool and you are ready to store them in your cool, dry place (ie, NOT beside your furnace or garden shed....). They should last about a year !

Eat them as they are. Over ice cream. In oatmeal. Under a crumble or in a pie.... sky's the limit!

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