Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Doing Hard Things 

I think I come by it naturally to push myself to be better, to do more , to achieve a higher standard.  Growing up I was surrounded by parents who continually did hard things and worked very hard to accomplish good results. My siblings are hard workers. My husband is a hard worker.  We are good stock, you might say.  None of us content to ever just sit still and let life just wander by.
Last summer my family moved, which was a big endeavor as we changed towns and so have had to restructure all life's details. My oldest son lived the weekdays away from home in his first full time seasonal job, a few cities away.  And in the fall I finally returned to school to get my advanced diploma in the culinary arts.  It took me three years to return after the completion of my basic diploma in 2014 - but thanks to the sale of the house it was finally the right time to work that into life.
It was a long 15 weeks for me, still adjusting to our new environment whilst settling in our five children and homeschooling gr.11, 9, 6, 3 & 2 - before and after my own classes.  Head to the ground, plow through. Don't look up, don't you take your eyes off the goal. 

My school was located in the heart of Hamilton, above the farmers market.  Walking through street musicians , fresh produce and even the hussle and bussle was all very  hygge- when not overwhelming.

My first sessions were in theory - most dreaded math. Cooking gives me energy but the thought of sitting for hours in front of the text books drained me of almost all I could give. But the smiling faces of the faculty and staff were a great encouragement as was a certificate of recognition. Yup, I got a participation award , but it was enough to see me through the long theory portion. 

Finally in the kitchen I was able to apply myself to the thing that gives me great joy and peace. There is no greater feeling to me than to take "nothing" and shape it into something beautiful , nourishing and satisfying to those who partake. 

 It was not without challenges as I found I had often more enthusiasm than my peers but such is life. This was perhaps my single most disappointment as I had really hoped to enjoy the challenge of younger and perhaps more talented students. But it was worth it to dig within myself and compete against my own standards.

 I was privileged to represent the college at an event at the city hall.  And I passed with Honours - one of the goals I had set for myself going in.
Although I did little to advance my own personal business, I was able to do a few orders over Christmas and a Christmas Treats and Entertaining demo and presentation for a group of 50 women.

 I'm so glad that I took this time to really finish well.  My oldest is just under two years away from his own college days and then I will have a child entering college every two years for the next ten years. My husband will then be retired.  This truly was my last, at least foreseeable, chance for ME. Not a bad run for a 41 year old, wanna be Chef.  Oh, and I received a job offer on my last day of class. The opportunity to do what I love. Serving  and feeding about 50 residents in a private seniors home- once a week and one weekend a month. I can homeschool my children and I can "live the dream". Yes, I am blessed.

Last day of school, a beautiful goodbye to a chapter in my life

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