Saturday, March 5, 2011

Doing things that make me happy

So, the question was asked ; What drives me to keep seeking "more" to fill my free time.  I actually thought this was a great question !

A couple of weeks ago I did make it a point to find more work for myself. Since I didn't have "time" I made "work" for myself . It will make sense, I promise ! The key was "for myself".

I was feeling like I was on a medaphoric treadmill. Getting on every morning, running all day and at night getting off right where I started.

Sure, I know  the time and energy I am investing in the boys will reap great rewards. Lovely. But I am impatient and I need to see that I am accomplishing something today.

I realized that I record what the boys are doing  regularly so that we can look back and see what we have accomplished. Sometimes I will see  a picture of them enjoying an activity and think I'd forgotten how much fun it was ! Let's do it again !

So I decided I would make my own album. This week I can look back and see that Richard learned about mixed and improper fractions. Matthew learned how to read a weather map and all about the water cycle. Evan finally learned to print his last name and Timothy peed in the potty everyday (and pooped once. Not so much "in" the potty as on the carpet right beside it. Good times). Eli can put himself to sleep, roll over both ways and reach for objects to put in his mouth... more fun is on it's way.

Great. I'm overjoyed that I was a part of all of that. No sarcasm, I really am. Now what did I do just for me ?

The past two weeks I have learned to; bake bread and scones ( thanks Jenn! ), make a no sew fleece blanket, felt bows and little  felt "activity" pockets. I made my husband's favourite food, finished sewing the place setting place mats I started months ago. I implemented an idea I had taking up space in my head for ages (the art display wall). I made a busy book that is too ugly for words but that did in fact keep Timothy busy for at least half an hour. I made a soft baby book for a Christmas gift.

These are the things that I love to do. The things I always imagined doing as a mom and homemaker that I never had "time" for. Guess what ? I do have time for that ! I cut all the squares for a rag quilt I'm making next week while cooking dinner. (Before you think I missed any other duties, I made every meal this week except for one trip to McD's) I made the felt bows on the floor after the big boys were in bed, while playing with Eli.  I collected my baking ingredients slowly throughout the day . Measuring out one at a time each time I passed the kitchen. HERE'S A GOLD NUGGET, while I measured,  I  measured a second measure and put it in a zip lock bag. Labelled the bag with the missing wet ingredients and the baking time and temperature. Next time I make scones and banana bread most of the work is already done !

The point is that I don't feel any bit busier but the week was so much more enjoyable. And it flew by ! Okay, so I didn't find any more time for myself. But I did figure out a way to enjoy my life a little more.

What makes you happy ? What is standing in your way ?

daughter of The King,
Wife to Richard. Mom to 5 beautiful boys.

May the God of peace equip you with everything good for doing His will, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever.
Hebrews 13: 20-21


  1. You have inspired me to bake today for my little (crazy) family. You are right about if you are passionate about something, you CAN find the time. While Emilia is at her play date today and Owen is nappy (cross my fingers) I will update their journals and download cameras and get ready for tomorrow (when Daddy is away) will be a great day with nuggets piling up!

  2. I hope Owen gives you a nice long nap ! Eli, Timothy AND Richard are having a nap so I am working on another little project ! I spy bags. I have one done but I'm going to go for a second one ! While that's happening chicken is baking in the oven for tomorrow.
    Have a great day, Laurie. You are an awesome mom !

  3. Yes, Jenn came over and gave me a lesson. Check out my new post today... I've added PICTURES !!!!